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Grand Raid BCVs
Grand Raid BCVs
Grand Raid BCVs
Grand Raid BCVs
Grand Raid BCVs
Grand Raid BCVs
Grand Raid BCVs
Grand Raid BCVs
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Grand Raid BCVs

On Saturday 22th August, don't miss this bike race of 125kms and a variation in altitude of 5000m.
The Grand Raid BCVs runs between Verbier and Grimentz. Three other departure points, along the course, are organised, of which one is in Nendaz. Rendezvous at 6h30 on the plaine des Ecluses to watch the bikers set off.

The participants coming from Verbier pass through Nendaz at around 7h45 for the fastest. They pass down the bottom part of the ski run from the Clèves and their descent via the steps next to the gondola departure station is well worth the effort!

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Traffic interruptions

6h15 -  6h45

Rte des Ecluses –  Rond-point

Rond-point –  Rte de la Télécabine


7h30 – 10h

Rte des Crettaux - Isérables

Ch. des Rairettes –  les Djiettes

Rte des Clèves

Rte des Clèves –  Ch. des Rairettes


6h15 -  6h45 et 7h30 – 10h

Déserteur – Rte des Clèves –  Ch. de Sofleu

Rte du Bleusy –  Ch. de la Forêt

Ch. de la Forêt –  Rte de la Biole

Rte de Saclentse –  Saclentse-village

Ch. de Saclentse –  Pont de la Scie

Beuson –  Planchouet

Pont de la Scie –  Ch. de la Giette
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