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Tour of the Mayens (mid-mountain chalets)-41971
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Tour of the Mayens (mid-mountain chalets)

Access :
- by private car -> the Grangettes car park (below the Hôtel Chalet Royal) or along the route de l'Ours after Veysonnaz Tourisme.
- by public transport -> Veysonnaz resort bus stop
Walk departure : follow the route de l'Ours for about 300 m. Until the end of the car park, then follow the footpath on the right. The way up is pleasant and through the forest, then you come back through the mountain chalets until you reach the hamlet of  Verrey. The tour then continues to the Ogeintze river which you cross and then come back down to the bisse de Vex which then leads you back the resort of Veysonnaz.
What is a mayen ? it is the local people’s summer residence. Families accompany their cattle after the long winter months to these mid-mountain chalets during the month of May which is from where the name ‘mayen’ originates.
Duration 2h35
Ascension 380 m.
Descent 380 m.
Highest point 1655
Level Intermediate

Route de Magrappé 42
CH – 1993 Veysonnaz
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