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Tour of the bisses and villages-41969
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Tour of the bisses and villages

Access :
- by private car -> the Grangettes car park (below the Hôtel Chalet Royal) or along the route de l'Ours after Veysonnaz Tourisme.
- by public transport -> Veysonnaz resort bus stop
The walk begins on the main road and joins the "old village" of Veysonnaz. It then leads you past the church and continues to descend towards the last houses in the village and then on to the bisse de Salins which you follow for 3 km through the dry prairies which are a special landmark of the crests of Clèbes and Verrey varied with shadier parts and then finally into the forest.
The way back up is initially quite steep but then softens as you reach the charming hamlet of Clèbes, which was entirely burnt down in  1904 and then re-built "in stone". You pass in front of the chapel and then the path becomes steeper again along the ‘chemin de croix’ (path of the cross). At the end, you reach the bisse de Vex with which you can make your way back to the resort of Veysonnaz. 
Duration 2h35
Ascension 350 m.
Descent 350 m.
Highest point 1373
Level Intermediate

Route de Magrappé 42
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