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Thyon - Veysonnaz through the
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Thyon - Veysonnaz through the "Mayens"

This itinerary leads you along the path the cows follow every year. In the spring they leave their cow sheds to enjoy the fresh green grass of the neighboring fields before heading up to the mid-mountain chalets in May-June and then on up to the Combyre pasture at the end of June, for the traditional Inalpe celebration.
At the beginning of the summer, the mid-mountain pastures are covered with flowers, then in mid-July, the hay cutting season begins and in this way the countryside is kept maintained year after year. In autumn, the cows come back down from the higher summer grazing before being brought back to their winter stalls as soon as the first snow falls. Here they are fed throughout the winter with the hay from our mid-mountain pastures.
Downhill hike: 1h30
Uphill hike : 2h30
Duration 1h30
Ascension 20 m.
Descent 790 m.
Highest point 2125
Level Intermediate

Route de Magrappé 42
CH – 1993 Veysonnaz
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