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Sunset in the Mont-Rouge

Extract from the 'Little Prince' written by St-Exupéry : 

- I'm very fond of sunsets. Come, let us go look at a sunset...
- But we have to wait...
- Wait for what? 
- Wait for the sun to set.  

The last rays of the sun lighting up the mountain in a golden glow, putting on a magnificent and unique show every evening.

Just like the 'Little Prince', we cannot remain insensitive while experiencing this explosion of colours fading out little by little to make way to the night's tranquility. So wait no longer and come and join us at the Mont-Rouge for an out-of-the-ordinary hike. 

Useful information : 

Dates : to be defined for Summer 2019

Transport : by bus from Veysonnaz to Thyon

Hike : about 3h00 of guided walk

A local style apéritif will be served in these breathtaking surroundings. 

Inscription at Veysonnaz Tourisme at the latest the day before at 16h00 : 



CHF 25.- / person


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