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Bisse de Vex : Veysonnaz - Les Mayens de Sion-41967
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Bisse de Vex : Veysonnaz - Les Mayens de Sion

The bisse de Vex has been an integral part of our heritage since... 1453 ! Abandoned in the second half of the 20th century, it was refurbished and re-filled with water in 1989 to the joy of all hikers. Extremely well maintained and closely observed during the summer months, this walk attracts a great number of visitors. 

The part of the bisse between Veysonnaz and the Mayens de Sion is particularly wide and is especially enjoyed by families with (all terrain) pushchairs. If you depart from Mayens-de-Sion west, towards Veysonnaz, the path has been evened out in order to allow disabled people to easily enjoy half of the way with their wheelchair. If accompanied the second half is also possible even though it is a little more challenging.
So close to the resort and so easily accessible, one can only marvel at the peace and quiet and the coolness of the forest.
Duration 1h00
Ascension 60
Descent 60
Highest point 1331
Level Easy

Route de Magrappé 42
CH – 1993 Veysonnaz
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